Senior Photography in Columbus, GA - M & D Images

Becca Ann Mitchell

This shoot was pretty cool for me because I went to school with Becca Ann’s dad! It was cool having things come full circle with me taking his daughter’s senior photos. Becca Ann is just as beautiful on the inside as she is the outside and that makes shoots even more fun. She has the sweetest demeanor and was up for anything. We started the shoot in Downtown Columbus and got some really awesome shots of her around the bricked streets and beautiful scenery in the area. Her red top absolutely POPPED off the back of the camera so I knew it was going to be incredible in print too. Tanisha did an awesome job of making Becca Ann’s makeup perfect for her. She is great about tailoring makeup for the individual person and their desires.

Back behind a restaurant in Downtown Columbus, there is this hidden wonderland that makes the perfect backdrop for pictures. Becca Ann once again nailed it and did an incredible job. She knew how to pose and could absolutely rock the serious look. Her white outfit against that green barn door had such a pretty contrast.

We ended the shoot in Phenix City at my in-laws’ house and her brother, Hamp, came to visit. So of course we made him get in a few pictures too. I’m sure he was as thrilled as most boys are about having their picture taken, but he was a champ and did great. Becca Ann was so fun to spend the evening with!! I even used her as the reason we needed to go to my in-laws’s house for my daughter to get engaged. Becca Ann and her mom played along perfectly and the plan was flawless. I love fun families that I have the opportunity to spend time with!!